My dwarf males



GBR Coal is probably my favourite rat ever, and my best producer. Coal is a charcoal torti shadow satin dumbo dwarf. Coal has the perfect rat temperament and his babies typically take after him. He is from my best line and is just like a puppy! Always ready for snuggles and hanging out. He has always displayed 100 percent trust in me. He carries the long haired gene. Coal is a 9th generation GBR bred rat 



GBR Pepper is a black silvermane dumbo dwarf. Pepper is a son of Coal and quickly becoming competition for my heart, with Coal. He is fearless and unbelievably trusting of me. His entire litter was the same. Pepper was heavily silvered from the beginning of fur growth. He is a very important little guy here. He is a 10th generation GBR bred rat



GBR Magik is a russian blue velveteen dumbo dwarf. Magik has a stunning thick plush velveteen coat. Magik is a larger male and has a nice easy going personality. He carries the long haired gene.  Magik is a 10th generation GBR bred rat



GBR Sunni a russian fawn dumbo dwarf. Sunni is a sweet boy and a nice size for a dwarf. He carries the long haired, recessive blaze and whitesided gene. Sunni is a 9th generation GBR bred rat 



GBR Bear is a charcoal black self shadow dumbo dwarf. Bear has stunning heavy bone structure and a beautiful head. His temperament is typical of his line, fearless and naturally trusting. Bear is a 10th generation GBR bred rat 



GBR Bruh! is an unknown color at this time, he is believed to be a graphite blue torti, or something similar. He is constantly changing his appearance. Bruh! is one of my favourite sons of Coal. Amazing personality and super cuddly. Bruh! is a 10th generation GBR bred rat 



GBR Tyke a russian blue variegated downunder dumbo dwarf. Tyke is a smaller boy, and very playful and sweet. He has a great personality. Tyke is a 10 generation GBR bred rat 



GBR Ted is an adorable harley/long haired dumbo dwarf. I am unsure on his color, as he genetically should be russian blue. He has a metallic silver undercoat, and his fur is ticked. It’s possible he is a shadow, however its hard to tell just yet. He is just getting his adult coat. He has a great temperament which is typical of his line. Ted is an 11th generation GBR bred rat 



GBR Ghost is an unknown color, he is an icey blue with a dark undercoat. Ghost is a dumbo dwarf. He has an amazing fearless temperament and always wants to be held. Ghost is an 11th generation GBR bred rat



GBR Spicey cinnamon dumbo dwarf, carrying whiteside. Spicey is from my smallest line. He is super adorable and curious. I expect he will be an important sire at GBR. Spicey is an 11th generation GBR bred rat