Standard sized rats

I have recently added 5 standard sized rats to my breeding program. They come from ARS rats in NY. They under went a full serology panel (blood work) for various diseases, before confirming their move to GBR. 

I will have a very limited amount of standard sized babies available in the future. These will always only be available to pet homes. 

Info and pictures coming soon, on each of the 5 new rats. There will not be any standard sized babies until late 2019


ARS Galileo


Galileo isn’t owned by myself, he is owned by my friend at ARS rats in NY. He is the foundation of this new line. He is the father, and/or grandfather of the 5 standard sized imports I am working with. He is a harlequin. He does look brindle, and I hope in time to produce a line that looks just like him. This is a rare line, and produces some interesting unique rats. He is a big squishy male, and produces very sweet big rats. The line also produces dominant white markings, odd eyed ( 2 different colored eyes)  and is standard eared.