Varieties at GBR

Short haired


Short haired in various colors and patterns including whitesided, downunder and recessive blazes. All with adorable dumbo ears. Colors available at GBR are, russian blue, american blue, charcoals, chocolate, mink, fawn, russian fawn, cinnamon, russian cinnamon, blue agouti, agouti, russian silver and others.

Harley/long haired satin


My long haired dwarf babies are often everyone’s favourite. The harley is possibly the most difficult variety to breed. After years of work, I have been rather successful with this variety. Many around the world stating, that I have some of the best harleys available today. Long silky hair, in various colors and patterns, including whitesided, downunder and recessive blazed. All with dumbo ears. Almost all of my breeding rats carry the long haired gene. 



 The silvermane is a beautiful variety, the tips of the hair are clear which creates a silvered effect. Silvermanes are always changing their look, some are heavily silvered and others much less. The silvermane typically has a mask around the nose area, of the original color of the coat. The silvermane fur is satin soft. My silvermanes come in all colors, and coat types. All have dumbo ears. 



Velveteens are a thick wavy super soft variety. Some have mistaken my velveteens for long haired, as they have a medium to long coat, that is very plush, super soft and slight wavy. Velveteens come in all colors and pattern, all with dumbo ears

GBR house blend


This is by far my favourite and best line. They are the total package. I needed to give them a name, as they are distinctly different from all of my other lines. Beautiful structure and head type. Naturally trusting and fearless personalities. They bond very strongly with their people and are comparable to puppies, as they always want to be with you and are unbelievably sweet and loving. I decided to refer to them as my house blend, as they are an original line here and have always been very consistent in producing excellent health and temperament. They have been crossed into all of my other lines. However when bred within their own line they stand out in every way. They do come in long haired, various colors and often are unique as they come in colors and patterns that are thought to be extinct, rare or not believed to exist. The females in this line are generally quite large, some would think they are compact chubby standards.