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About GBR


Experienced Breeder

20 plus yrs hands on experience breeding dogs and rats, provides me with a great understanding of genetics. I have bred many champions, best in show and specialty winning dogs, and top working law enforcement K9’s. I have owned rats off and on since 1988, and breeding them off and on since 1996 . I have exported rats to some well known American breeders, from New York, across to California. I no longer raise dogs and my children are adults, which allows me to focus a lot of my time into my rats and the families who purchase them. 


Quality, healthy Bloodlines

As of May 2019, I am working on my 10th-13th generation of GBR rats, born within my home. This helps provide me with excellent insight, into each line, and gives me the ability to better predict the quality of the offspring. My rats typically live 2.5-3 yrs, and are generally very healthy throughout that time. My rattery has been free of upper respiratory infections for 3 yrs now. For the past 10 plus generations, strong immune systems, is a trait I have been selecting for. 


Sweet personalities

Raising rats for family pets, and therapeutic companions. Health and temperament guaranteed. Hantavirus free rattery, we do not bring in rats from outside sources or rescue situations. I provide assistance, for the lifetime of the rats purchased here.  I assure that you will not be taking home rats that will require vet care for upper respiratory infections, or any contagious pathogens.