Purchasing info



When looking to add pet rats to your home and family,  it’s important to purchase rats that have been tested for diseases like hantavirus. As its contagious to humans, and can make those with compromised immune systems very sick. My rats are all free of hantavirus. I can also assure you that you will not be spending money on vet care for upper respiratory infections, as which is often the case with pet store rats and rats from breeders who are bringing in rats from various sources. And breeding from rats with genetically weak immune systems. I have been breeding for years so the risk of your breeder not being available down the road, if needed is elimiated. Unfortunately many people get into breeding and last on average a year. 


Babies can be reserved generally between 3 and 4 weeks of age. If anything changes after reserving rats, please let me know, as other suitable homes are always waiting.  Deposits are now required to reserve rats.  Rats are to be paid in full by 7 weeks, unless previously agreed upon. If rats are required to stay at GBR, past 7 weeks, there is a $10 per week boarding charge. 


The rats born at my house are very important to me. I ask of 3 things from my buyers. 1st, to provide the best care possible for them. 2nd, they are for pets not for breeding. If your intentions are to breed, please be honest, before purchasing any rats. And 3rd if ever they need to be rehomed, please allow me to assist in finding them suitable homes. I often have people waiting for rats, that are pre approved families. Online classifieds are a regular place for dishonest people looking to purchase animals, with poor intentions. Many of these people have been refused by breeders, and prey on pet owners, claiming they are “rescues” or just loving pet owners. 


My guarantee is hassle free. Anything is possible when you work with genetics, however my rats have been exceptionally consistent for being healthy and having good to excellent temperaments. Typically the rats I breed live long healthy lives, with a low rate of cancer, and most never experience any upper respiratory infections.  I am always willing to go the extra mile, to be sure the rats and families are a good fit, and everyone is happy. 

Pick up

Pick up is in Midland, unless prior arrangements have been made. Balance is due at pick up. Please bring a small carrier, or something similar to transport the babies home in. Pick up is by appointment only. Please try to be on time, as I often have other appointments or personal plans. Rats are required to be picked up within 7 days of purchase, unless agreed upon prior to being ready to leave. If they are required to stay longer, there is a $10 per week boarding fee. 


It’s best to spend as much time as possible in the early days and weeks, after the babies arrive. A bonding pouch is a perfect tool, for getting connected. I also find sitting at the cage in the evening helps them learn to trust and seek out your attention. Plus its super cute watching them play and entertain. 

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