Rat care at GBR


My rats are all fed a homemade diet. I make my own dry mix. Daily they are provided with fresh veggies and fruits. Favourites are always peas, kale, banana and grape tomatoes. They also receive left overs from our dinner table. Chicken and fish are always a favourite. They also receive hard boiled eggs weekly when weaned and growing. Nursing moms get them a few times a week. 


I use aspen bedding for my rats. I recommend using the same, if you decide to go with a bedding product. Fleece can also be used with dwarfs, as they are not as messy as standard sized rats. I recommend staying away from paper product beddings, as they often irritate the eyes and respiratory system. 


My rats are treated with revolution or ivermectin on a routine basis, to keep parasites away. Wood bedding has a down side, as it’s possible that parasites can travel in on the bedding. All babies are treated with a preventative before leaving. I boost their immune systems for 10 days prior, as I do not like using chemicals, however it is a must at times. 


My females are housed in a double critter nation, and my males in a single critter nation. Pregnant females are moved to nursey bins, before birthing and remain there until their litters are about 14 days of age. Then they move to extra large custom bins I have built, where they get hammocks, running wheels and toys. All of my cages are outfitted with extra large running wheels, hammocks, baskets, hideouts and toys. The rats have their own bedroom within my home. 


My females typically have 2 litters in their lifetime, some 1 and top producing females may have 3. After they retire they are placed with families at no cost. Some of my girls stay with me for their retirement. Unfortunately as I can only keep a small number of rats, retirement into family homes works best for the rats and myself.