About Me

HI believe it’s important for clients to have some insight into the breeder of any pets, they purchase to bring into their home. 

I have always been a huge animal lover, with a deep understanding of animal behaviour and their needs. I bought my first rats back in 1988, at the age of 12. I have had them almost always since then. 

My mother always laughs and comments about how I made harnesses and leashes for them, and took them to school, hidden in my backpack. Rats have always been a big part of my life, and both of my kids have grown up with them as pets also. 

I also have bred dogs since 1994, and have produced many champions, best in show winners, and law enforcement K9’s. Since the late 80’s I have been training dogs and rehabilitating dogs with serious issues. 

I no longer breed dogs, and my children are adults, which allows me to fully focus on my rat breeding program. I do not breed rats as a business, its a passion for me. As I love working with genetics, and seem to have a magic touch, as many have said though out my life. 

I am very selective in choosing rats for reproduction. I breed for rats, the same way as I did with dogs. I want the people who purchase them, to experience possibly the best rats of their life. Character and health are always top priority, as its the character that helps create the strong bond, and health is equally important. Dealing with health issues due to irresponsible breeding, is simply unfair to the animal and family. 

I do not get distracted by new varieties, I only work with the varieties that I personally like. I know the lines of my rats very well now, and am honest in discussing where each line is in it’s development. 

I do sometimes place retired rats into pet homes at no cost. I always do however keep a retired female from each of my line, for their entire life. This way I can also monitor the lines better for their entire life. 

I am available for the lifetime of every rat purchased, to offer advise, answer any questions and enjoy watching them grow with you. 

You can also view my old GBR website, to see some pictures and info on past rats. Visit www.gbrattery.weebly.com