This is Cricket, she is one of the most important breeding females behind my bloodlines today. At almost 2 and a half yrs of age. She is just as active, agile and youthful, as she was when young. Her mother is still alive and thriving well, when this video was taken


Another video of GBR Cricket, with 2 small children completely unknown to her, handling her and her first litter of babies. Cricket had never met children before this video. My rats generally are only handled by myself. This is the trusting character I select for, and known for in this line, the GBR house blend


This is a young girl with her first rats. 2 GBR dwarfs. She taught them to come when called and run up her body. More videos of GBR rats doing tricks are coming soon

Satin harley/long haired dwarf

GBR Troll a satin harley/long haired dwarf. Showing nice healthy skin and coat. Harleys are one of the hardest varieties to breed. Her coat still grew longer as she aged.